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Host getting (linux mechine) getting rebooted when the Database startup

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Oct 28, 2009 at 1:40 PM

Dear all,

 Here i am  haveing a strange issue with the host  meachine ,  my host meachne with LINUX  OS having the ORACLE DB with the Peopele tools on it getting faint when i try to bounce the database  instances or the listner services , i am connecting to my diseased  :( host meachine  with the putty   the only way i can 1.  I had the OEM (oracle) to moniter the status for any crashed . during my tests yesterday on OEM 10g Alerts notification config  I had the following message

Target Name=HR89DMO
Target Type=Database Instance
Timestamp=Oct 27, 2009 4:23:45 PM GMT
Severity=Unreachable Start
Message=Agent is Unreachable (REASON = Connection refused: connect) but the host is UP.
Notification Rule Name=Production Down
Notification Rule Owner=DBA_PRD_TEST


I was just trying to start thedatabase and listener and after a few minutes the server crashed. I tried 4 times but the same result.

 Putty is saying the Network Error because when you are trying to connect, on that time the server is restarting. i guss


The following is the crashed record of today :

ora10g   pts/1     Wed Oct 28 11:44 - crash  (00:08)

ora10g   pts/2     Wed Oct 28 11:35 - crash  (00:07)

ora10g   pts/1     Wed Oct 28 11:34 - crash  (00:08)

ora10g   pts/1     Wed Oct 28 11:27 - crash  (00:06)

ora10g   pts/1     Wed Oct 28 11:07 - crash  (00:18)

 how can i fix this starnce behavor  of my host with  polymon .  can this con be done with this , 4 furhter info plese let me know at

quick good solution  will be appriciated