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PolyMon Performance chart mail-outs?

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Mar 8, 2011 at 5:55 PM


I have been evaluating PolyMon the past couple of days in my long search for a tool that can aggregate perfmon counters, monitor web application availability, and perform historical analysis of the data in its data store.  PolyMon's use of PowerShell and add-on assemblies for extensibility make it a very strong candidate for general use in our organization (not to mention the cost). Most systems like this are expensive and Linux based, which means I have to go through a lot of extra steps to just get basic perfmon aggregation, and running some test directly against a MS SQL database is usually not possible -- these are the areas where PolyMon really excels!

Of course PolyMon is missing some of the more "enterprisey" features of many commercial solutions, but one seems to stand out.  I'm posting this in the User Forum because I'm thinking maybe the capability is there and I've just missed it.  I'd like to configure daily / weekly / monthly "executive summary" type emails from PolyMon that contain some predefined performance charts, like the ones you can view from the PolyMon Manager (see image @  Is this possible?  Our business executives and Product team love to see charts in their mailbox showing them that everything is performing well. :)

I see that by default I receive a "PolyMon - Summary Notification" email from the system each morning at 8AM but I can't find any way to customize it.