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Additional Rollup Periods

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Dec 5, 2007 at 11:05 PM
Would it be possible to add additional rollup periods? I have some counters where I would like to run them every minute for checking on status, but only really need all the details for about 1 week. After that 1 week, I still need to compare how it is doing throughout a day, but not at the same level. Currently there is only a 1-day rollup, but that doesn't help seeing how it did during the day.

I suggest something like the following:
-15 minute rollup - somewhat less data to maintain, but still useful for day-to-day comparisons.
-1 hour rollup - Fairly easy to calculate in SQL - select convert(smalldatetime, convert(char(13), getdate(),121) + ':00', 121)
-Currently existing rollups

This would allow a lower retention of the raw data, quicker reports when run for multiple days, and a smaller database size.


Dec 6, 2007 at 1:04 PM
Custom rollups are already available in the Custom reporting tab. These reports are based off the raw data however, but can be run rolling up in any minute, hour or day intervals.
For example, to get 15 minute rollups, select the Grouped checkbox, then type 15 in the numeric entry area and select minutes for intervals. The report will be produced rolling up data into 15 minute intervals. To see the data values themselves instead of just the charts you then click on View Data once the report has run.
If you are talking of pre-calculated rollups then these are not currently available other than the standard daily, weekly, monthly. If you would like to see additional precalculated rollups please post to the Issue Tracker as a feature request so I can keep track of it.